Radiology Services for Cats


X-Rays are used in a variety of cases. They are vital in detecting bone fractures, bladder stones, and for finding and assessing tumors. They can be helpful in locating foreign material such as swallowed rubber balls and safety pins.


We also offer Ultrasound as well. Ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique used to aid in the diagnosis of many medical conditions. Ultrasonography uses sound waves to generate images of internal organs and structures.

An ultrasound exam is a non-invasive test, which is used to provide three dimensional images of the body. Ultrasonography is a very safe technique which represents minimal risk to the patient, and most patients do not require sedation or anesthesia for the exams.

In order to obtain accurate images, patients must be fasted the night before the exam and will have some of their fur clipped or shaved from the body.

Common uses of ultrasound include:

  • supplementing information from radiographs (x-rays)
  • verifying pregnancy
  • aiding in accurate aspirates and biopsies
  • checking for fluid accumulation in the body cavities
  • scocardiography

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