Pet Dental Care NJ

By the age of three, nearly 70 percent of pet show signs of oral disease and dental disease which can lead to more serious health problems including heart, lung, and kidney disease, which makes it all the more important that you provide your Pet with proper dental care from the start.


Maintain your Pet dental health…

Since dental health changes as Pet age, we emphasize the oral health regarding your cat. Your Pet can live a longer, healthier life if oral health care is managed and maintained throughout their lives.

If your Pet has bad breath or reddened gums it could be from gingivitis. The process starts when soft plaque hardens into rough tartar. Tartar irritates and inflames the gums, a condition called gingivitis. Gingivitis in turn can lead to an infection called periodontal disease which can cause bleeding gums, loss of teeth, and infection in the heart or kidneys, if it is left untreated. Gingivitis also makes it painful to eat; therefore your pet could lose weight or even become anorexic.

Before the dental cleaning is done, your Pet general health must be evaluated so anesthesia can be administered, to ensure that your pet is not put at risk. Our doctors may also recommend pre-anesthetic blood work and other testing to confirm that you Pet is at low risk for complications from anesthesia.